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ISTAT’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability will remain at the forefront of all ISTAT activities and discussions with the adoption of sustainable practices promoted and encouraged as the aviation industry works toward a low carbon future.

ISTAT is working closely with the ISTAT Asia venues and vendors to adopt sustainable practices.

What the hotel is doing: 

At Hilton Singapore Orchard energy-efficient technology such as in-room motion, air-condition and light sensors are featured in every room and suite that turns on the lights and the air-conditioning when guests enter.  And when guest leave, the lights switch off automatically while the air-conditioning resets to 24 degrees Celsius 20 minutes later. The hotel has also reduced a huge amount of plastics by using basswood for the key cards, while cartons have replaced plastic bottles for mineral water. Full sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and moisturizer have replaced travel-sized plastic toiletries in all of our rooms and suite.

What ISTAT is doing: 

  • Providing the “meal of the day” for attendee’s lunches to optimize ingredients and reduce food waste.
  • No individual pads, pens, candies, etc, instead placed in each meeting room to reduce waste and plastic use.
  • Meeting room temperatures will stay consistent to reduce energy use.
  • Collecting and recycling plastic badge holders.
  • All vendor rentals for furniture, floral, and deliveries are locally based, eliminating delivery emissions.
    • Sourcing energy efficient vehicles for attendee transportation and delivery of equipment.
  • Hired buses for transportation are state-of-the-art vehicles which assist in reducing emissions and comply with the latest environmental policies and legislation.
    • Buses will be turned off when not in sure to save on carbon footprint; no idling.
  • Eliminating single use plastic and use of recyclable materials when possible.

For additional information or questions on sustainability efforts at ISTAT, please contact