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ISTAT’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability will remain at the forefront of all ISTAT activities and discussions with the adoption of sustainable practices promoted and encouraged as the aviation industry works toward a low carbon future.

ISTAT is working closely with the ISTAT Americas venues and vendors to adopt sustainable practices. Here are some of the efforts put forth:


  • Reducing plastic consumption with no use of straws or bottled water (except in designated areas). Water bubblers with recyclable cups will be available.
  • Eliminate single use plastic and use of recyclable materials when possible.
  • Provide visible and accessible reduction, reuse, recycling and composting services for paper, metal, plastic, glass and compost.
    • Any functions where items are left on tables or trays, will be sorted by hotel staff into recycling and garbage.


  • No printed attendee lists. Attendees are encouraged to use the ISTAT mobile app to access information for the conference.
  • Provide the “meal of the day” for attendee’s breakfast and lunches to optimize ingredients and reduce food waste.
  • Will not place notepads, pens, candies, etc. in each meeting room to reduce waste and plastic use.
  • Non-perishable food items will be donated to Chef’s Against Hunger.
  • Incorporating living décor elements that can be donated to charitable establishments post event.

Emissions and Energy Use:

  • Lighting and temperature controls in event spaces are turned down when spaces are not in use.
  • Hyatt’s Conserve program assists in reducing energy and water use associated with laundry.
  • All vendor rentals for furniture, floral, and deliveries are locally based, eliminating delivery emissions
    • Sourcing energy efficient vehicles for attendee transportation and delivery of equipment
  • Hired busses for transportation are state of the art vehicles which assist in reducing emissions, and comply with the latest environmental policies and legislation. 
  • Busses will be turned off when not in use to save on carbon footprint; no idling

For additional information or questions on sustainability efforts at ISTAT, please contact